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Issue  No.3   March 2018.

Join us at the AGM
Maidenhead Mencap AGM is to be held on Thursday March 1 at Highview, at 7.30pm. Our Chairman, John Foulger, has now been able to invite a speaker from Mencap Head Office. She is Julie Schwarz, who is Trustee of the Mencap Discretionary Trust. John Foulger uses this service and knows that it will be of help to our members. Julie Schwarz will be coming from the other side of London, so we hope that our members will come, ask many questions and gain a lot of advice from her.

Several of our regular members have not as yet re-joined. Arnold Kremenstein will of course be pleased to hear from you. Subs can also be handed in on Monday and Wednesday Club nights, or of course be paid at the A.G.M.

True to form, Highview has produced another maintenance expense. Last month, we needed a couple of light fittings, then, following a trail, we found that we had blocked drains. We have always been fortunate to have the problems dealt with promptly. In this instance, we used a man unknown to us. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently.

As it approaches it's twentieth birthday, our minibus has once again got through the MOT.  The bus that was donated by the late Mrs Camm, has given great service. It is currently used only on Monday Club nights and never exceeds 30mph. A couple of times a year, one of the drivers and I, give it a run on the motorway to Newbury. It proudly boasted having overtaken an Eddie Stobart lorry. Our thanks of course to the wonderful team at Maidenhead Fire Station where it has lived all it's days, and to the staff of John Graham Commercials who currently deal with any maintenance issues. Not long ago, one of the Firemen said that it never fails to amaze them that our minibus always starts first time. Thanks also, of course to the two drivers, Hugh and Derek, who begin the Monday Club run at 6pm and often don't finish until 10.30pm.

Some of our long-term members would have remembered Ralph and Gillian Svensson. Ralph did an amazing amount for Highview until his death five years ago. Gill, who had been profoundly deaf from her teenage years, was also a great support, although not a person to socialise, owing to her disability. I used to visit her most days, but owing to my own  mobility issues, these visits had been less regular. Sadly Gill died a couple of weeks ago.

Here is another reminder of organisations that can provide assistance:-

  • Mencap Head office offers a 'Wills and Trusts Service'. Call Gina on 020 7696 6925 or email
  • The Citizens Advice Service [CAB],has introduced 'Adviceline', that can be accessed from Monday - Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444


Signal is the organisation that has taken over a lot of work with Carers and those to whom they care. Of course, we at Maidenhead Mencap, were only too aware of the excellent facilities that had been provided from Highview, when Karen had her office upstairs. However, the authorities chose to close Berkshire Carers and our members are getting to know Signal. Signal offer a number of training courses. They will also hold a Tea Dance, Dancing and Afternoon Tea, on Sunday March 4 from 1-4pm, at Trax, Mill Ride, Ascot SL5 8JW. Details for the dance and meetings from
01344 266 088   01628 947 974

Highview has surplus furniture in one of the upstairs offices. There are a couple of filing cabinets and a desk. Please apply to me [VB] 01628 630622.

Monday Club
As always, Club nights are very busy. They all enjoyed pancakes and have since enjoyed a Valentines disco. Then there are always the Karaoke evenings, the Bingo nights and Superstars. They all love Bingo, perhaps because most people get a prize. They all agree that Monday Club's great.

Wednesday Club
We can always use additional helpers, particularly people who are prepared to push a wheelchair around in the disco. Colin and Margaret from Monday Club have been helping most weeks and one of the carers had been making the tea and coffee.

Of course it's great to see Jeanette back among us. She appears to have recovered well from her 'flu-bug that had kept her away for several weeks since Christmas. Not only has Jeanette returned, but those wonderful cakes as well. One lad automatically looks towards the fridge-top when he arrives, with his carer reminding him that not only had he eaten his tea, but he had consumed two helpings of whatever had been made at College.

Highview Toy Library
We have just got over the busy half-term week, when older brothers and sisters join us. The blue slide became hazardous, but Derek using his talents, had made it safe again.

Toy Library meets on Wednesdays from 10am-12noon and on the first Sunday of the Month from 3-5pm.



THURSDAY 1st MARCH 2018 at 7.30pm


Please join us for a glass of wine and a cup of coffee. I expect Jeanette will bring one of her cakes too.

Valerie J Bosley