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Issue  No.4   April 2018.

As you all know, our A.G.M. had to be put off, due to the exceptionally icy conditions that night. Our speaker, Julie Schwarz was unable to access a train from Paddington and the rest of us felt that staying at home was going to be the best option that evening. John Foulger spent the afternoon phoning many members and others sent emails. As I did not have any magic way of putting a notice on the door at Highview, I persuaded Gordon Nevill to take me down, in his more robust car. Nobody turned up, thus proving that our communications had been successful.

The Annual General Meeting has now been re-arranged and it will now be held on Thursday 19th April- 7.30pm at Highview. This date is convenient to Julie Schwarz, so we all look forward to meeting her at last.

The Annual General Meeting is now to be held on
Thursday 19th April at 7.30pm,
Highview 6 North Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PL.

In the last few weeks, we have lost three of our oldest and most loyal members.

Geoff Leyland had a few years ago, been our Monday Club leader. Even after he had given up this position, he continued to deliver newsletters for us, in the Boyne Hill and Altwood area of Maidenhead. Not long ago, Geoff and Margaret moved to Buckingham. Sadly, Geoff died recently. We send our condolences to Margaret and family.

Early in March, we learned of the death of Margaret Smith. Margaret and Alan had lived in Altwood Bailey for many years. We have watched their now adult family grow up and send our condolences to Alan, Julia, Rebecca, Fleur and Kathryn.

Last week, we learned of the death of Gunhild Robinson. Gunhild had suffered from some health issues for some time, but none of us expected to hear of her death. Gunhild had in the past, for a short time been Chairman of our society. She had of course always supported her late husband Derek, who also assisted in running our organisation. The Robinsons had four children who all supported their parents in helping us.  Anna lives in Denmark. They had two sons, Jan and Erik [not sure about the spelling!]. Kirsten is a regular member of Monday Club. We send our sincere condolences to the family.

Organisations that can be called upon for support include Signal, who took over after the authorities closed Berkshire Carers, who were based at Highview after the closure of The Princess Royal Carers Trust. Signal is trying to build up a database, so it is probably necessary to give them your details, contact 01344 266 088.

Mencap Head Office offers a 'Wills and Trusts' service. Call Gina on 020 7696 6925 or email
The Citizens Advice Service [CAB] has introduced 'Adviceline', that can be accessed from Monday - Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444

Highview still has a couple of filing cabinets and a desk that are surplus in one of the upstairs offices. Please apply to me [VB] on 01628 630622

We hope that the new Garden Room/Summer House will be constructed shortly. We have all waited a long time, and look forward to seeing the project completed.

Monday Club
Monday nights are always very busy. The club members enjoy their early disco, then refreshments that are provided by the members of the local Ladies Circle. They have an activity that alternates between Bingo, Superstars, Karaoke and Art. Even the most shy people love to stand up and sing their favourite song.
The evening always ends with disco and the rousing Can-Can, that they all love so much.

Wednesday Club
Numbers vary, because the members are brought in from the Care Homes in their specially fitted minibuses. Sadly they do not always have drivers on duty. We obviously love to see them all.

Our most recent helper is Patsy, who now lives in Dorchester. She even drove here in the snow. We were all most impressed.

Jeanette has again been providing her wonderful cakes that are so much enjoyed by all.

Flu has taken its toll on Gordon Nevill [Nev], who had been poorly for more than two weeks [and still doesn't sound very good-on the telephone]. We hope he will be back soon. We need him. He is our jigsaw puzzle expert.

Highview Toy Library
We are expecting a couple of extra busy weeks, as big brothers and sisters join us during the school holidays. It is quite amazing how they seem to grow and mature in just a few weeks.

Toy Library meets every Wednesday from 10am-12noon and on the first Sunday of each month from 3-5pm.




THURSDAY 19th APRIL at 7.30pm



Valerie Bosley