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Issue  No.5   May 2018.

We finally had out Annual General Meeting on Thursday 19th April. As you know, it had to be cancelled in March, because the day turned out to be one of the coldest in the winter season. Our speaker could not get a train from Paddington and we did not feel that the evening's weather would entice our members and friends to venture out. John Foulger did a grand job in contacting everybody and Gordon Nevill had kindly taken me to Highview to put a notice on the door in case we had missed anybody. As it happened, nobody else arrived. By contrast, the chosen night happened to be one of the hottest on record. We all sat at Highview with windows and doors open.

Our speaker was Julie Schwarz from Mencap Trust Company. This is a not-for-profit, organisation with low fees They have 40 years of experience in providing a trust service for people with LD and autism. Discretionary Trust law protects people from funds being hidden or mis-used.

Julie Schwarz explained many of the benefits and problems involved with leaving money to these people. Mencap Trust Company is governed by the Trustee Act 2000. It has an obligation to protect, value and use assets for the enjoyment of the beneficiary. Funds can be added during the life of the beneficiary. Family members are often willing to add to the amount, that is the property of the beneficiary.

Even houses can be left in the Trust, when it is considered that the person to benefit wishes to remain in their own home. If the money in the Trust becomes used up, then they cannot continue, as it becomes a personal amount.
Julie Schwarz said that there are occasions when the donor needs to contact the Mencap Wills and Trusts section. They will advise on the correct solicitor to use.

Mencap Head Office 'Wills and Trusts Service' can be contacted - Gina, on 020 7696 6925 or by email. on
The Citizens Advice Service [CAB], has introduced Adviceline, that can be accessed from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

We have another sad death to report. Sadly Tony Rogers died in early April. His funeral takes place at Slough Crematorium on Wednesday 2nd May at 2pm. We send our condolences to Eileen and their daughters Catherine and Judith. Eileen continues to make those wonderful knitted creations, greetings cards and household gadgets, all in aid of Maidenhead Mencap. She very bravely came to the A.G.M. with her stock. It was great to see her.

We never have our full quota of Committee members. We should particularly welcome parents of younger members, who may have different ideas and priorities.

We were sad to say goodbye to Rita Jarvis, who left the Committee after many years service. There are times, however, when family matters must come first. We all give our thanks to Rita for all her work on our behalf.

Another organisation that will give support, is Signal. This organisation is trying to build up a database. They will eventually be able to provide the type of support that was given by Karen and her team ,Berkshire Carers, that was based at Highview, but  was closed by the local authorities.  Signal can be contacted on 01344 266 088.

Monday Club members have enjoyed more superb evenings. A visit from Ellington Morris Dancers was a great evening to watch and join in. We hope they will come again soon.

On Monday 14th, the 'Drums with Simon' evening is always a night to remember. Maybe even the neighbours remember it too, as minibus loads of drums arrive and are thoroughly enjoyed. It is actually 'QUITE NOISY'.

On 21st May Club members will have a special Royal Wedding Party. This is going to be a great celebration. Perhaps Jeanette will bring a cake too.

The Garden room is getting closer. The timber has been received and we await a date for it to be built.

Wednesday Club always enjoys the decorations that are put up for Monday Club. Highview is well-flagged at present.
New helper Patsy is great at converting paper plates into wall decorations, so no doubt they will all be taking some kind of wedding memento home.

One of the club members really loves jigsaw puzzles. For somebody who finds communication difficult, it is quite amazing to see him sort 100 pieces and within a very short time, complete the picture.

We are still short of helpers needed to give one-to-one service, but often Colin and Margaret from Monday Club, join us and assist Nev, who is our jigsaw champion. One of the drivers has kindly been dealing with the refreshments, so we have been managing. Or course everybody enjoys the disco provided by Hugh, who has instructions always to play Waterloo, my favourite. We have missed Lindy, who has broken her wrist. We hope she will be back with us soon.
We have great fun. Please join us.

Highview Toy Library continues each Wednesday from 10am-12noon and on the first Sunday of each month from 3-5pm. Although Toy Library is run independently, they always welcome any Mencap member free of charge.

The Easter egg hunt was held during the school holidays, when bigger children were present. The corresponding hot weather encouraged them to use the garden. I was not the only person who was disturbed at the sight of around 50 daffodils tramped underfoot around the lawn. At least, most of them could be salvaged and made into a colourful bunch for Peter to take home to Lindy.

The club nights and the AGM were fortunate recipients of some of Jeanette's wonderful cakes. Jeanette does not spend all her time cooking. She also gives a superb service to our members. We are so fortunate to have her in our midst.

We are now all looking forward to the Summer months and the special activities that we shall enjoy.

Valerie J Bosley