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Issue  No.5   May 2017.

Spring is here and we have good weather and outdoor events to which we can look forward. Thanks to Jeanette, her grandson Millan for their amazing gardening efforts and to our volunteer, Hugh,  for cutting the lawn, the Highview garden is looking good. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to assist, but even I am getting a lot more mobile and hope that before long, I shall be up and running as in the past. At present as I can neither bend not kneel, or for that matter get in and out of my car, I am having to pay for my own garden work. I have, however bought a long-handled weeder and am attempting to give the dandelions a rough time [they are currently winning!!]

One of our members is about to celebrate her BIG BIRTHDAY. Lyn Surridge will be 100 years old on 5th May. Lyn is at present living at Holyport Lodge Nursing Home, The Green, Holyport and she keeps in touch with us. Of course Jeanette and other members visit her and Nicola, her daughter goes regularly as well. Nicola comes each week to Monday Club, so we all keep in contact with Lyn.

It is good that several more lapsed members have renewed their subscriptions. We are of course well covered with insurance, and it is hoped that all people who attend any Mencap activity wish to enjoy this cover. As you know, subs are £2 per year. Forms are available from Arnold Krermenstein, Jeanette, Me [VB] and of course at Highview.

Many homes organise days out and holidays for the residents. We are always interested to hear about these occasions. Our members get really excited for ages beforehand , but we rarely hear about the results. It is always good to be able to pass on news of successes or even failures for future planning. Only this week, one young lady was very excited at the prospect of going to Brighton for the day. Perhaps we shall hear about it shortly. We know also that current plans have left some residents without transport!!

We remind you that there there are organisations to assist. Mencap at Head Office has a Wills and Trusts Service.. call Gina 020 7696 6925 or email

The Citizens Advice Service [CAB] has introduced Adviceline, that can be accessed from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

We still very much miss the companionship and support of Karen who ran the Berkshire Carers Service [ formerly The Princess Royal Carers Service]from Highview for ten years, before they were closed in March last year. The organisation Signal will eventually build up a database. In the meantime, if you need their assistance, contact 01628 947974.

We still have a supply of the little tubs from the Lions Club, that are so useful particularly to the elderly, sick or alone people who could need emergency care. A label on your door indicates that the service is being used. Most people keep the tubs in their fridge. They include details of next of kin, doctor, medication etc. They are available from members of Lions Clubs. We of course have a supply at Highview.

Monday Club
Everybody loves Monday Club. You can hear bits of conversation in the minibus going home..enjoyed tonight..good wasn’t it..nice good-got a prize.
This month, we are disrupted by Bank Holidays. Everybody enjoys a holiday, but sadly there is no club on those nights.. On one Monday before Easter, most members made Easter cards.
One of the big treats came on Monday 10th April, when our friends from the Ellington Morris Dancers came. They gave a tremendous performance and received a great welcome. They always encourage Club Members to take part and Becky wore her garlanded hat that evening.
At the end of the performance, the group’s leader presented a generous cheque to Colin Freer, for Monday Club. They collect for us at their events. It was a wonderful ending to a superb evening..and Jeanette made cake too.
On 24th-Singing and Karaoke- most love to take part.

Wednesday Club
Doreen, our ex-Pets -As-Therapy helper, has been missing lately. As she cannot come regularly, we did not miss her at first, then discovered that she had hurt herself as the result of a fall. We hope she is now much better and will be with us soon.
We are still very grateful for the continued help from Colin and Margaret from Monday Club. Of course Darren comes too, so we have bought some larger puzzles. He is really good at them.
We are so short of helpers that one of the carers is now making the tea and coffee most weeks. We love our wheelchair disco- manned by Hugh, but it’s much more fun if there is somebody around to push your wheelchair. Please come along on Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30pm. Of course all clubs are held at our headquarters- Highview 6 North Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1PL.

Saturday Club
No further news. It certainly would not begin again this term, but maybe in September. If you are able to help- contact John Foulger on 01628 631208

The proposed new Garden Room has not been forgotten. Enquiries are being made.

Highview Toy Library
Great progress has been made since two mums involved Facebook. This would not have been my chosen method, but it seems to have worked for us. A few weeks ago, we were down to two children. On the first Wednesday of the school holidays, there were 46 children. The Easter egg hunt went down well too. Many thanks to Hannah and Hayley for their help.

Braywick Heath Nursery will be having an Open Day this weekend, but even if this letter does not reach you in time, there will be plenty of bedding plants available during the next few weeks. Many of the helpers at Braywick, are people for whom mainstream employment is not possible. Please support the nursery with your gardening needs. They are on the Braywick Road, beside Stafferton Lodge Carvery and the Braywick Sports Ground. This is a good place to visit for many other gardening requirements . Contact 01628 622510

Valerie Bosley