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Issue  No.6   June 2018.

Our A.G.M.. speaker Julie Schwarz was well received and it was recommended that we include some of the information in this newsletter. It is, after of benefit to all of our members. Mencap Trust Company is a non-profit making organisation with low fees. They have 40 years of experience in providing a trust service for people with L.D. and autism. Discretionary Trust law protects people from funds being hidden or misused.

Julie Schwarz explained many of the benefits and problems with leaving money to these people. M Mencap Trust Company is governed by the Trustee Act 2000. It has an obligation to protect, value and use assets for the enjoyment of the beneficiary. Funds can be added to during the life of the beneficiary. Family members are often willing to add to the account, that is the property of the beneficiary.
Even houses can be left in the trust, when it is considered that the person to benefit wishes to remain in their own home. If the money in the Trust becomes used up, then they cannot continue because it becomes a personal account. In these occasions the donor should contact the Mencap Wills and Trusts section. These can be contacted - Gina on 020 7696 6925 or by email on

The Citizens Advice Service [CAB], has introduced Adviceline, that can be accessed from Monday -Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

We still have several of those marvellous green tubs that are provided by the Lions Clubs. Inside the tubs is a note  for you to add your name, address and medication, GP name etc. Most people keep these in the fridge and put the included sticker on their front door or entrance.
We have some of these tubs at Highview. They are available on club nights.

Signal is another organisation that can give support. This organisation is trying to build up a database. They will eventually be able to give the same support that was available at Highview from Karen and her colleagues from Berkshire Carers, that was closed by the local authorities. Signal can be contacted on 01344 266 088.

Of course our own Jeanette gives an amazing service to our members. She comes most weeks to both Monday Club and Wednesday Club, often bringing her amazing cakes. We all love these, but realise that her main responsibility is the great service that she offers to our members.  Jeanette can be contacted on 07838 580108.

The Law is changing and we  shall all be subject to the new General Data Protection Regulations
[GDPR] from 25 May 2018. This means that in order for us to continue to contact you, we need you to tell us that you agree to this.

You are currently on the mailing list for the Mencap Newsletter. Please tell us if you agree to us keeping you on this mailing list and sending you the information related to this.

Please respond to me by phone or email on Alternatively you may contact one of the other club leaders or committee members, by the end of June 2018.

Monday Club has had a busy month On 14th May, they all welcomed Simon and his drums in a very noisy way. Simon has changed schools, but he still managed to bring plenty of instruments. The evening was enjoyed by all.

On Monday 21st May, Monday Club members were able to enjoy their own Royal Wedding.  Some members wore crowns and fancy hats. All had a picnic supper. Let's face it, all at Windsor enjoyed 'bowl food'. Monday Club members all had food packed into carrier bags. The enjoyed biscuits, cake, nibbles and other typical picnic favourites.

The picnic carrier bags were saved and will be re-used on Tuesday 12th June, when the Annual Boat Trip takes place.
The Boat Trip is now always held on Tuesday, as the steamers are always in use on Mondays for the Windsor Races. There will be NO Monday Club on Monday 11th. All Monday Club members should have returned the note to say they will be going on the trip. The Boat leaves River Gardens at 7pm, so club members are required to be there by 6.30pm, to be checked on the list.
The Minibus will collect all the regular people. They are asked to be ready earlier than usual and be waiting for the minibus. On a normal week, we rarely get to Highview by 7pm. We must be at River Gardens by 6.30pm, in order to get on the boat.
The trip will finish at 9.30pm. This is earlier than in past years.

Monday Club will enjoy the new Garden Room that is making good progress. The Sensory Garden is also being re-stocked. It's all going to look very smart.

Wednesday Club tried to add a Royal sparkle to the night. Colin had left the Monday Club flags up and the building still looks quite festive.

It is good to see Lindy back with us. Her broken wrist has healed and she is beginning to use it again. We try to give one-to-one attention, so more volunteers would be most welcome. Of course everybody enjoys Hugh's disco  [well all except John, who says it is too loud!!]

It was good to see Doreen again this week. She used to bring her Pet's As Therapy dog, Candy Sadly Candy died a while ago, but Doreen still comes whenever she has a free evening, as a Club helper.

Patsy, also has a long journey, as she now lives in Dorchester. She is a retired Junior School teacher and she has many skills to share. Club members enjoy threading ribbon through holes in paper plates, then decorating them with stickers. We all have a great time.  Why not join us?

Valerie J Bosley