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Issue  No.6   June 2017.

Lyn Surridge celebrated her 100th birthday with parties at Holyport Lodge. One of these gatherings was joined by Lyn’s friends at her new home. The other party was held for family and friends. Colin Freer from Monday Club was invited and he took our good wishes. Monday Club members made a special card. Of course, the card that took pride of place, was the one from Her Majesty the Queen.
Colin, over the years had met various family members. It was great to meet Lyn’s  98 years old younger sister with her husband. Of course, daughter Nicola was able to join in the celebrations.

For those who have still not renewed their subscriptions and membership, there is still time. Forms are available at Highview on Club nights. They can be sent to Treasurer/Membership Secretary-Arnold Kremenstein, at 1 Derwent Drive Maidenhead SL6 6LA.

We have all missed Berkshire Carers, and in particular Karen, who was always available to assist with advice. The organisation was closed just over a year ago. The organisation Signal will eventually give similar support. As databases, cannot be passed on, it is first necessary for the details to be built up. They can be contacted on 01628 947974. If you need help-tell them.

Of course Highview lost the support of the rental contributions received from the use of the two first floor offices, during the past year too. The two offices have now been taken by ‘recharge R&R’. We are pleased to welcome Georgie, Hannah and their colleagues at Highview.

The Citizens Advice Service [CAB] has introduced Adviceline, that can be accessed from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

A further reminder that Mencap at Head Office offers a Wills and Trusts Service - call Gina 020 7696 6925 or email

Another reminder too, that we have a supply of those wonderful little tubs that are supplied by the Lions Clubs. The tubs contain a sticker to be displayed on the front door, to indicate that the service is being used. Most people keep the tub in their fridge. It should contain details of next of kin, doctor, medication, allergies -anything that could be vital and possibly help to save a life, if an emergency occurs. These are available from Highview on Club nights.   

Braywick Heath Nurseries on the Braywick Road- near the Sports Ground and Stafferton Lodge carvery, await your visit. They provide work for many people who would find mainstream employment difficult, and of course produce excellent bedding plants,, shrubs, pot plants and provide other garden merchandise.
Call in or contact 01628 622510


Monday Club
Club members continue to have a wonderful time. Having taken an active part with the Ellington Morris Dancers in April, they became extra energetic on 15th May, when Simon Davie and our friends from Cox Green School, brought dozens of drums. Simon has an amazing way of getting them all in rhythm, and in no time, they were thumping to the time of ‘Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall’ and ‘We Won the Cup’.

Any football fans in our midst would have appreciated the second part, as they were all aware that Maidenhead United has done rather well this year. In fact, we have a close association with ‘The Magpies’, through Ken and Alan Chandler and our old friend Bob Hussey.

When Simon arrives, there is always a queue of enthusiastic helpers to carry the drums in from the minibus. Everybody has a go and you can see from their faces that they are really enjoying themselves and of course gaining satisfaction at the result. We thank Simon for this tremendous evening.

It goes without saying that Jeanette arrived with a cake, made up with drums.

Wednesday Club is a much quieter affair, although John always thinks that the disco is too loud. The club members like it the way it is!

We are still very much relying on the help provided by Monday Club, as Colin and Margaret come often. One of the carers has been making the refreshments. Holiday times can make things difficult. We have a husband and wife team, and when they are away we lose two helpers. The club members also become attached to members of the team, so they are really missed when they do not come. Even occasional help would be appreciated. We meet on Wednesdays from 7-8.30pm, of course at Highview 6 North Road Maidenhead SL6 1PL.

Highview Toy Library has increased in numbers, thanks to two of the mums who have used Facebook to contact other parents. Due to children starting at Nursery Schools, they had dropped in numbers. On one Wednesday during the Easter holidays, there were 46 children- of course complete with their mums. Carers and Child-minders. Toy library is held at Highview each Wednesday from 10-12noon and on the first Sunday of each month from 3-5pm.

The proposed Garden Room has not been forgotten. Enquiries are still being made.

Valerie Bosley