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Issue  No.7   July 2017.

Having got over the season of Bank Holidays, we can now return to normal. Monday Club does not meet on Bank Holidays. Wednesday Club does not take a break, but sometimes there is confusion because some Group homes assume that Mencap has closed. On the year when Christmas Day came round to a Wednesday, we did not hold club that night, but we had complaints from Toy Library users who had arrived in the morning and complained because nobody was there. It just shows that sometimes you just can’t win.

Many of our members and friends have enjoyed holidays, and others have theirs still to come. It is always good to hear news of such breaks. It makes an interesting story and also gives us information to enable us to pass on to anybody looking for a suitable holiday venue.

Highview has suffered this week. An invasion of ants did not help, but we think we are winning. We also had a paddling pool in the kitchen, but thankfully Derek was around with his grandson for Toy Library. While grandma, Pauline, looked after Peter with the care of the parents and helpers, grandpa Derek dealt with the leak.

We are still awaiting information on the provision of the new Garden Room, that we hope will be produced very soon.
The Highview garden is looking good. A few of us have had a go at it and Hugh has been keeping the lawn under control. It is certainly enjoyed by all who use it.

Don’t forget, The Citizens Advice Service [CAB] has introduced Adviceline, that can be accessed from Monday – Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

We still have a supply of those wonderful little tubs that are supplied by the Lions Clubs. The tubs contain a sticker to be displayed on the front door, to indicate that the service is being used. Inside the tub is a slip of paper, on which the householder needs to give details of ,next of Kin, Doctor, Medication, Allergies etc.

There has been some dreadful news of serious happenings in the last few weeks. Anything that can be done to assist the emergency services should be provided.

A further reminder too that Mencap at Head Office offers a Wills and Trusts Service- call Gina 020 7696 6925 or email wills and

Braywick Heath Nurseries on the Braywick Road- near the Sports Ground and Stafferton Lodge carvery, has an amazing array of plants. The nursery provides work for many people who find mainstream employment too challenging. It is run mainly by volunteers.

There is a great selection of bedding plants for Summer and Autumn use and loads of perennials, roses and shrubs. They also provide garden sundries, fertilisers, insecticides, composts and many other items that we all use and need. The nursery is open seven days a week in the Summer months- Call in or contact 01628 622510

Monday Club

The long discussed Boat Trip took place on Tuesday 13th June. Once again, Colin had organised a night of good weather, and the packed suppers ,prepared by the helpers, were enjoyed on the boat.  Eventually the steamer and passengers arrived. The pick-up is always more difficult, as it has to be earlier and not everybody is ready to come. It is hard for everybody to understand that if they get to Highview late for club, it continues without them. If they are late for the boat, it either has to leave without them - or more likely, everybody wastes travelling time waiting for late arrivals.

It was good to have welcomed Chris and Karl Bowler, who now live in Christchurch. Chris has his own minibus and joins us for special occasions. He also takes some of Karl’s friends on holiday, so they have remained closely in touch.

It goes without saying that the trip went well. Setting off from the Riverside Gardens the boat went upstream through Boulters Lock before turning around at the wide bit before Cookham and returning to Bray and back.

Tracey was able to wave to her parents who live nearby and were standing on a balcony. She was very excited. Most Club members had made Pirate hats, during their art session on the last Club night. They wave to passers by and any residents who are nearby.

It is a long night for all. The drivers begin at 5.15pm on this occasion and often do not finish until just before midnight. 

Wednesday Club

A much quieter affair, but equally enjoyable. Hugh provides the disco and it is always hoped that the members will be able to enjoy the wheelchair disco. We need more helpers. Due to re-location and now exams, we are really short of people to push the wheelchairs. One of the carers has been making the teas for the last few months. We are so very grateful, but know that our own helpers should really be doing this. If you can spare time from 7 -8.30pm on Wednesdays, you would be so very welcome. You would have a great time too.

Highview Toy Library has received some funding and can now remain open for a couple of years. As we had dropped the number of children, it had been difficult to apply for help. Two of the mums used ‘Facebook’ and called all their friends. Numbers increased.  Help came. Thanks to the Shanly Foundation. One day in the Easter Holidays, we had 46 children, with parents and child-minders. A busy day.

Valerie Bosley