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Issue  No.9   September 2017.

With The theme that ‘No news is good news’, there are no meetings to report this month. The team has been enjoying holidays, looking after the sick, assisting with family babies and preparing for weddings- all things that no doubt will make good reading in a future Newsletter.

Diana Swaffield is making good progress after her leg injury. She is determined to be driving her car as soon as possible. We hope that she will be back with everybody at Monday Club before long. Shirley Foulger is back home, after a period in hospital, with John using his nursing skills. We all know that he is a good cook.

Jeanette has been away assisting in the arrival of a family baby- another boy! and Peter and Lindy have a family wedding.
Even I, who does not take holidays, have been engrossed with Littlewick Show. Last Monday was the 83rd Annual Show. It has been my 50th year of organising the event. We were so fortunate to have enjoyed such a day with wonderful weather. In the years 2014 and 2015, when we had continuous rain, we had lost £30k, so with now depleted balances, a good day was vital. We had been welcomed to the new site at Knowl Hill and are still trying to ‘get it right’, but so far all reports have been good. The financial result was not one of the best. Possibly the intense heat kept some people away, but at least the future is secure. We thank all who supported us and hopefully enjoyed the day.

We hope that many people have visited the Memorial Garden, created in Maidenhead’s Oaken Grove Park, in memory of our late President: Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued hundreds of children form Czechoslovakia at the outbreak of WW2. It has been built very tastefully and we hope that it will last for many years. It is unfortunate that some people have attempted to destroy parts of it. Steps have been taken to prevent this from happening.

Don’t forget , The Citizens Advise Service [CAB] has introduced ‘Adviceline’, that can be accessed from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

We still have a supply of those wonderful little tubs that are supplied by the Lions Clubs. The tubs contain a sticker to be displayed on the front door, or in a prominent place, to indicate that the service is being used. Inside the tub, is a slip of paper, on which the householder needs to give details of Next of Kin, Doctor, Medication, Allergies etc. Most users keep these in the fridge, that is the most obvious place for emergency services to look.

A further reminder that Mencap Head Office offers a ‘Wills and Trusts Service’-call Gina on 020 7696 6925 or email

Braywick Heath Nurseries on the Braywick Road, near the Sports Ground and Stafferton Lodge Carvery, has an amazing array of plants. The nursery provides work for many people who find mainstream employment too challenging. It is run mainly by volunteers.

They can provide for your late Summer/Autumn needs. Call in or contact 01628 622510

Monday Club continues to be our biggest weekly event, attracting around 60 members each time. They begin with their disco, then have tea and biscuits supplied each week by members of the Ladies Circle. After tea, they enjoy an activity. This alternates between Art, Bingo, Superstars and Karaoke, with other special attractions slotted in. The evening finishes with more disco, birthdays and quite often Jeanette’s cake.

In early August, the helpers produced a BBQ evening. It was unfortunately wet, but with the burgers being cooked under a gazebo in the garden, and the sausages finished off in the oven , they all had a good share of the food on offer - in fact more cake from Jeanette too.

Later this month, they have another visit from Pop Goes the Choir. Planned.

Wednesday Club welcomed Mrs Pat Smith. She had heard about us via Taeppas Tump Morris Dancers and our Newsletter. Pat did not need introductions. She just got on and mixed with the members, giving help where needed and praise that is always welcomed.
Sadly, this week, numbers were down, as our biggest Care Home did not have a driver on duty.

Even Jeanette was not with us, so no cake.  Robert kept glancing at the fridge top, where she always puts it, but had to make do with chocolate biscuits.  

I recently asked for tales from holidays.    Apart from my own natural nosiness, it is good to know of places where are disabled friends are particularly welcomed.

Colin and Darren Freer have had two recent holidays. They have been to Dawlish in Devon, a place that brings wonderful memories of past holidays.

They have recently returned from a week in Weymouth, which is another regular favourite. Of course Colin and Darren also visit, son/brother Paul in Australia.

Colin and Darren have also been to Littlehampton, where they saw. Old King Cole Puppet Show. This was originally owned by Billy Butlin, and was part of his indoor funfair. It is now owned by Billy Smart and is now an outdoor attraction. It has been refurbished and is very attractive and of course great entertainment.

Many of the Highview Toy Library families are still enjoying their travels. Even so, with many away, the Wednesday mornings have been really busy, as older siblings have joined in the fun. Henny will shortly be back from Malaysia. Vijay and Lavanya will also be back within the next few days, from visiting families in India. We look forward to hearing their holiday tales.
Hannah, Tom and the children have just returned from his native Albania. They often just spend time on the family farm. This year, after having spent time with the relations, they went on tour. Hannah has written this note:-
There were fires in the forests on the mountains. We watched helicopters fetch water from the sea to put out the fires. There were temperatures as high as 46c and it felt like you were being roasted in an oven, whenever you stepped outside. In fact, if your bare feet touched the ground, they would burn.

Hannah said that they were so very grateful to have air-con in the car. They all look very well on it though.

Does anyone else have holiday news? Please tell us.

Valerie Bosley