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Issue  No.9   September 2018.

We are constantly being told that 1st September marks the beginning of Autumn. The weather men also say that it is getting warm again. The recent hot weather has made the Highview garden quite a challenge. The recently refurbished Sensory Garden and the beautiful hanging baskets needed a lot of attention. We all had a go at watering, but the main work was done by Colin and Margaret from Monday Club and Hugh our driver, Wednesday Club helper and Wednesday Club disco provider. The plants are still looking beautiful and we all give thanks to these valiant people.

Optalis invite you to a Free Public event, to be held at Desborough Theatre, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF, on Wednesday 12th September from 10.30am -2pm.
The event provides the opportunity to see simple tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or general daily living, to stay as well and independent as possible.
Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be available and a Free gift will be given to the first 100 attendies.

At the same time, and in the same venue, there will be the opportunity to hear about OPAF and it's work representing the voice of older people in the Borough.

Public Health covers a wide range of services that help to improve the quality of life for residents, including 'Helping to make decisions and Falls Prevention.'

'Keep safe Stay Well,' is a service designed to provide early help so that people stay as well and independent as possible. This service actively helps people to get what they need to keep safe and stay well.
Contact 01628 693744, Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm. email

People to Places provide accessible community transport and Shopmobility services with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Community Transport Booking Line tel: 01628 587920, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Email:


Maidenhead 01628 543038
Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Windsor 01753 622330
Opening times Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm, email: for more information go to

Birthday greetings for September go to:
Jonathan Clutterbuck 8th, Paula Brown 14th,              Pat Wilson 15th                                           Joshua Honey 18th
Rebecca Streeter 28th          Judith Rogers 28th              John Millis 30th

and for October:
Mitchell Webb 4th               Jackie Dennis 7th                Mark Lynch 9th   Tanya Howgrave-Graham 11th
Sarah Mee 14th                   Alan Chandler 27th             Tristan Hyde 29th


Monday Club

This is the biggest weekly event with members able to use their energy and expertise. Every week, Club begins at 7pm and ends at 9pm with the disco. In between, there are refreshments provided by the Ladies Circle, then an activity with Bingo, Art, Karaoke, Superstars or games. On 20th August, they held a Dance Night that was enjoyed by all.
On Monday 3rd September, Pop Goes the Choir will be returning to give a free evening's entertainment. This choir comes from Burnham. They have been to Monday Club several times. On 10th September, they will enjoy Table activities, as it is getting too dark for outdoor games.

Wednesday Club

Club continues each Wednesday from 7-8.30pm, in a less active form. Many jigsaw puzzles are completed by Club Members and Helpers. Some club members prefer to just sit and listen to the music provided by Hugh's disco. I love Waterloo, so he plays that most weeks. Many of the members have little speech, but when Waterloo is played, it is easy to hear the word Abba called out throughout Club.
Jeanette comes often to both clubs and she frequently makes her wonderful cakes. We all forget our waist-lines and tuck in.
Recently a couple of members who live in the same Care Home, celebrated their birthdays with us. One of their carers showed her expertise in providing for each person a beautiful iced and decorated cake. This week, the same carer celebrated her own birthday, by making herself a large sticky cake. This was, of course, enjoyed by all.

I was brought up to pay bills as they come, and have kept to this rule. I have, therefore, been dismayed to find that my home phone will not allow outgoing calls. The strange message indicates that I owe money. I have discovered that my last bill was received and paid in April. With the extra work associated with my deep involvement with Littlewick Show, I had not noticed that the July account had not been received or paid. My friend David got into a bit of a panic because I had not phoned him as usual. He was trying to sort the problem for me, but was put through to India, then they put the phone down.

It is fortunate that this did not happen before the Show, but it is very frustrating. I am told that overdue accounts are usually sent reminders with red ink. I have never seen one of these. Perhaps they are economising by not sending the originals either. In the meantime, many of my Littlewick contacts must wonder what is happening. My mobile is really old and normally seldom used, as it is only kept for emergencies. I suppose this is one. Thank you BT. Please send me an account. I am waiting to pay.

Have any of our members had a similar problem? Please let us know. It's frightening.

Valerie J Bosley