Issue  No.10   October 2018.

The Summer seems to be over and we now have time to look back on our happy memories of our outdoor events and holidays. At Highview, the long-awaited Garden Room has been completed with the help of our colleagues from World Challenge.
The Sensory Garden has been refurbished and the hanging baskets are still looking magnificent. Our thanks to all who  have helped to keep it all watered. Colin and Margaret from Monday Club have kept busy our there and Hugh, our driver and Wednesday Club disco expert has been in most nights with the hose.
Many members have enjoyed holidays and it is good to hear their news. Butlins at Minehead seems to be a very popular venue and of course disco and bingo add to the pleasure. We are always pleased to learn of their holiday experiences. Of course it is great to know that they have had a good time. It also helps to learn of good and not so good reports for future advice.
Most of our 'sick helpers' have made good recovery. Rosemary Broadbridge is back at home. Diana Swaffield is back assisting at Monday Club.
In the July newsletter, we reported that the Friendly Bombs had provided another of their excellent concerts. We understand that the next event is due to be held at Burnham Church on 6th November. We should be able to confirm this date in the next newsletter.
Our local Public Health covers a wide range of services to help improve the quality of life for all residents, including Helping to make decisions and Falls Prevention.
Keep Safe Stay Well- is a service designed to provide early help so that people may stay as well and independent as possible. This service actively helps people to get what they need to keep safe and stay well.
Contact 01628 693744 Monday - Friday 9am-1pm email

People to Places provide accessible community transport and shopmobility services with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Community Transport Booking Line tel 01628 587920 Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Shopmobility Opening times
Maidenhead 01628 543038
Opening times Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

Windsor 01753 622330
Opening times Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm
For more information go to

Green tubs
We still have a few ot those little green tubs, that the Lions Clubs supply. They are very important for those who live alone. You simply add your name, next of kin, doctor's surgery, essential medication etc. Most people keep them in their fridge. They are an enormous help to the emergency services, if things go wrong at home.

Monday Club
Monday Club is always busy. They begin at 7pm with their disco, then break for refreshments. This is followed by an activity which  alternates from Singing/Karaoke, Superstars, Bingo and Art. In between, they have an occasional Dance Night, Outdoor games in the Summer and Table activities in the darker or wet nights. Occasionally, they have entertainment.

Pop Goes the Choir, got a great welcome in September.
Bingo nights are always very popular. Most people get a prize. Many of the prizes have been donated by the Club members

The Singing/Karaoke evenings are really enjoyed and surprisingly, even the quietest people volunteer to do their solo act. Club members are very supportive and really cheer one another when they perform.

Wednesday Club
This is a less vigorous evening, with much of the time taken up with jigsaw puzzles and making personal name pictures.

We are very fortunate as Colin and Margaret from Monday Club often come to assist. They are really good at jigsaw puzzles and they can do much larger ones. Nev is also our jigsaw puzzle expert.

Peter and Lindy are very popular and Patsy makes lovely pictures. Then there is John who excels in the wheel-chair disco. Of course if we didn't have Hugh, there wouldn't be a disco. He always has instructions to include Waterloo, because that is my favourite.

What would we do without Danny, the carer/driver? He usually makes the tea and coffee.

Then there is Jeanette. Everybody loves her, particularly when she brings her home-made cakes. Her oven has broken down and she has been bringing swiss rolls lately. All our members come from homes where they are really well looked after, but they still find room for a piece of cake.

Highview Toy Library
One of the regular members returned to her native Australia a few years ago. She has come back for a holiday and everybody is delighted to see Gabrielle with Marcus-now aged ten and Eliza now aged seven. Both children are featured on the leaflets that we currently still use, so we had not completely lost them.

Valerie J. Bosley