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Issue  No.11   November 2017.

It’s all happening at Highview. The arrival of the new chairs certainly caused an overcrowding situation, and it costs a fortune to have them removed, so we are attempting to move the old ones in cars. The chairs cannot be given to other organisations as they have all at some stage been re-covered. Although we are satisfied that they are fire-proof, we have no proof of that fact.

One of the Monday Club team is employed by a company that allows group-charity work. Colin Freer will organise the group at the end of this week, when the garden will be prepared to receive the long-awaited Garden Room. The front and back garden will have a face-lift and the wooden structures and benches will have a coat of paint. All we need is a fine day.

We are all looking forward to seeing the result of the hard work. Jeanette and her grandson, Millan, made an amazing difference when they worked on the garden a few months ago, but it has again become over-grown. I have found somebody who will keep it under control once it has been pruned  not sure if that is the correct word when it has become a bit wild!!].

We have good news about the health of some of our volunteers:
Diana Swaffield is still recovering from her leg injury, but has been able to return to help Monday Club.
Chairman, John Foulger has returned to Wednesday Club and is feeling much better.
Denise Moulton suffered head injuries following a fall. She is not yet back among us, but we understand she is making good progress.
We wish them all well and hope to see them regularly very soon.

We have decided to hold an Autumn/Christmas Bazaar at Highview on Sunday 26th November from 3-5pm. Each year, a number of us work to produce this event and become disappointed at the low numbers of people attending. It is not so much a fund-raising afternoon, we prefer to consider it as a ‘get-together’. Colin Freer always has books for sale and hopefully Eileen and Tony Rogers will attend with Eileen’s amazing works of art and craft.
The Monday Club-High-level team will put up the Christmas decorations the week before. It may seem a bit early, but everybody enjoys seeing them.
Please bring items for sale on the ‘Bring and Buy’ stall. Of course Jeanette will make cakes as well.

A further reminder of organisations that can provide assistance…
The Citizens Advice Service [CAB] has introduced ‘Adviceline’, that can be accessed from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 03444 111 444.

Mencap Head Office offers a ‘Wills and Trusts Service’ call Gina on 020 7696 6925 or email

With the loss last year of Berkshire Carers, and the unfailing friendship of Karen, we had to turn to an alternative service for providing support. As organisations are not able to pass information from one to another, it will be some time before Signal has got to know everybody. They can be contacted on 01628 947974.
The offices that had been occupied by Karen, are now used by ‘recharge R&R. We are pleased to see Georgie, Hannah and their colleagues at Highview.




Monday Club members look forward to some special evenings, with entertainment by Mike, a return visit of Pop Goes the Choir, another amazing evening with Cox Green School Band and of course all the preparations for Christmas. They are in for a busy time,

Wednesday Club is really enjoying the help and companionship given by the new helper Patsy Smith. Patsy is a retired school teacher and she has an amazing way of producing pictures and models from simple pieces of paper. She also has a collection of string-puppets that completely enthral the members [ and helpers!!].
Jeanette brings cakes to both Monday and Wednesday Clubs. She brings them in on a tray and we have to laugh when Robert always looks towards the fridge-top to see if there is cake tonight. His carers assure us that he has had all his meals and second helpings too- but the sight of cake brings on extra appetite.

Highview Toy Library is still busy. This week’s half-term holiday, brought additional children, as big brothers and sisters came too. Some of the mums brought cakes and nibbles and the children were able to have a Halloween party .

Mencap is having a stall at the Combined Charities Fair that is to be held at the Town Hall on Saturday 4th November. Eileen and Tony Rogers will set it all up on the evening before and will run it for us. Nearly everything on the stall has been made by Eileen. We hope you will all visit the CCF during the day. It is interesting to see the work of the other charities. I find it a good way to begin my Christmas shopping.

Don’t forget the Mencap Bazaar to be held at

Highview 6 North Road Maidenhead SL6 IPL

Sunday 26th November 3-5pm

Valerie Bosley