Issue  No.12   December 2018.

This Newsletter is coming out a few days early to remind you all of our  Bring and Buy Christmas Bazaar /Get-together that is to be held on Sunday 2nd December from 2-4pm. Of course it will be held at Highview, 6 North Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PL.There is always plenty of parking space in North Road and the surrounding streets on Sunday afternoons.

There will be plenty of refreshments. Jeanette has promised to bring some of her wonderful Home-made cakes. We hope you will all be there to eat them. We want you all to see the new Garden Room and we expect the Monday Club team will have put the Christmas decorations up.

Monday Club have brought a large selection of books that are always on sale. John Foulger persuades his daughter to part with some of her jewellery and some of the surplus toys will be on sale too.

Eileen Rogers will be bringing her superb knitted creations and the many other things that she so cleverly makes. These range from greetings cards, calendars, fridge magnets and so many other things that make excellent Christmas gifts.

Eileen Rogers manned the Mencap stall at the recent Combined Charities Fair and once again won one of the two awards that are given for the best stall. The prize was £50.

The Friendly Bombs Drama Group recently gave one of their excellent performances at St Peter's Church in Burnham. This group take their acting very seriously. They have excellent leaders and a great team of enthusiastic helpers. This year's theme was very serious, as it was in aid of the Armistice.

Before the performance, we were told that there would not be the usual celebration at the end, as the mood was to be sombre. Instead of being invited to make a contribution to the Friendly Bombs, the collection plates were circulated for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.

The actors had celebrated a 21st birthday, before the young man went to the war. A background announcement told the news that nobody wanted to hear and black hats were donned.  Jane sang Silent Night beautifully and the audience forgot the 'sombre' rule and clapped with enthusiasm. At the end, a Guardsman played The Last Post. This was a wonderfully fitting finale. There were people in the audience with streaming eyes.

It was good to see groups of residents from our local Care Homes. They all enjoyed the performance. Jeanette, Hugh and I went and all enjoyed a large cake, made by Jeanette with 'Well Done Friendly Bombs'. we understand that over £300 was collected that evening for the Royal British Legion. Thank you Friendly Bombs. You were great.

Sadly the lovely Vicar was saying goodbye, as he retires very shortly and will be moving 'up north'.No doubt there will be another good Vicar, but it will take him a while to gain the love that Rev Bill Jackson showed for this group.



Monday Club

It's all happening at Monday Club. The Halloween Disco was amazing. The members were dressed so expertly, it was often difficult to know who they were. Jeanette's spooky cake was enjoyed by all… in fact all except her partner. when I commented to him about her excellent cakes and how fortunate he is. He said that he never gets to taste them. They come out of the oven and straight into the car. He just watches them go!!

On 26th November, Pop Goes the Choir will join with seasonal music. This group is always greatly enjoyed.
Cox Green band joins us on 3rd December. It always seems amazing to me that they can produce such a great sound, so early in the school year. After all the older students will have left in the Summer and others have to be recruited and trained. Club members have the opportunity to join in and they help it to become an evening to remember. December 10th, they will be doing Christmas craftwork…

Then!! December 17th.. It's the Christmas Party. They no longer extend the time, so it remains 7-9pm.  It will be an exciting evening. there will be a visit from Father Christmas too. When the time was extended, so many members had to leave early to fit in with bedtimes and staff duties, that we got left with very few it is 7-9pm.
There will be no Monday Club on 24th and 31st December.

Wednesday Club

Wednesday Club, as with all the other users of Highview, enjoy the decorations put up by the Monday Club team. The party is less active than the Monday Club one, but they enjoy the extra cakes, nibbles and fancy biscuits.

Colin and Margaret from Monday Club often join us. Doreen who used to bring her Pets As Therapy dog Candy, now comes fairly often as a helper. Unfortunately Candy died a while ago, so Doreen comes alone.

Jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed by all. One carer, Jackie, loves difficult ones and we have half -done puzzles stowed on shelves. I have just bought one 'Where is Wally?' This will be a challenge for somebody and we thought that would be her next challenge. The picture is a mass of people on a Railway Station. No doubt Wally is there somewhere.

A large part of the evening is taken up with the handing out of presents, and Father Christmas will be there too...and no doubt Jeanette will produce a cake.

Hugh's disco is very important and he has instructions to play Waterloo, as it is my favourite.

There will be no Wednesday Club on Boxing Day, but otherwise, club nights will not be affected by the holiday season.

We thank all those who give their time to assist at both clubs.

Highview will of course be hosting parties for all groups, Alzheimer's, Voluntary Car Service, Recharge R&R and Highview Toy Library.

We send our best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and the rest of the Festive season.

Don’t forget the Christmas Bazaar on 2nd December.

Valerie J. Bosley