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Monday Club member Dougal Watson rose to stardom on 5th and 6th of June 2019, when he joined colleagues in Scotland to play indoor bowls for England in the Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series. Dougal was part of a team of twelve who represented England to play against teams from Scotland and Wales. Dougal's mother Linda, tells us that Dougal is a very good player. In fact, partnered with his colleague Carlos, they all drove to Scotland for the three days of competition.

At the end of the competition , the result England GOLD, Scotland SILVER, Wales BRONZE.

It seems that there are other competitions for disabled people, but this is the only one for Learning Disabled people. Dougal and Carlos are now International players and proud winners of the GOLD MEDALS. Next year, they hope to travel to Wales to defend their title. Dougal plays in Maidenhead at Desborough Indoor Bowling Club.


The Annual General Meeting for the year ended 30th September 2018 was held at Highview on 7th March 2019.

Financially our reserves are slightly down as expenditure exceeded income by £1,937. A copy of the society's accounts can be downloaded from here.

Mrs. D. West has taken a years sabbatical from the committee. The rest of the existing officers all agreed to continue, but as they are all a year older, we need new members to take over.


Mencap member George Rushton writes in with some helpful hints for saving money. See the "Useful Information" page.



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